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     2000  -  The Competition of conductors I.
                   The Rambles with Brita
     2001  -  Slapy with Kaprdivers
                   Club Sailyachts in the Adriatic
                   The Diving Course OWD Seaadventures - Slapy
                   The Captains
                   The Expedition " Lopuch"
                   The Competition of Conductors  II.
     2002  -  The Diving Course OWD Seaadventures - Konětopy
                   The Brothers Islands       
                   Isotec I.,II.
     2003  -  The Two Different Sights
                   The Baby Swimmers I.,II.
                   Adventuresports - The South safari
     2004  -  The Rhythm of city
                   The Sailyachting  in The Souther Seas
                   The Elba Island with "Orcadivers"
     2005  -  Rosalie Moller
                   Stiga 2006
                   LeonardoVBC - Kaprun
     2006  -  The Icy Tide
                   Stiga 2007
     2007  -  Toshiba - KlimaClassic - The Partner´s Meeting in Most
                   Tomáš Polcar - "Projection Steel" 

     Prepairing : Salem Express

   The Most Succesfull Projects
 The Elba Island 
     with Orca

  The Elba island under and above the surface at sight of two young diver-girls.


  This film has won "The Prize of Audience" in the international festival of diving
  movies  ISOD in Frymburk 2004.  

  Rosalie Moller 



On October 8th 1941 discovered German planes British freighter Rosalie Moller in north parth of the Red Sea and they sank it.

Czech expedition of technical divers returns at "Safe Anchorage H" after 63 years to explore the wreck in 50 meters depth and to make a documentary film about it.



 This film has won subsequent awards:

IF PAF Tachov 2005 - 1st prize 
IFF Water-Sea-Oceans 2005 - The Best Diving Film 
IFF Marmara Turkey 2005 - Honourable Mention
MFPF Tatry 2005 - Cena reditele ŠL TANAP
IF of outdoor films 2005 - 3th prize
IFF Golden Dolphin 2006 - Russia - 2nd prize
IFF Strasbourg 2007 - 3th prize


The Icy Tide


     Documentary film of Czech and Russian expedition about diving under ice beyond 
     the Arctic Circle in Russia  whitch is describing  ecosystem  of White Sea and diving
     in extreme conditions.

     ...Even though water had two  below zero, sometimes it was more than 35 degrees
     warmer than air. Despite the extreme conditions, we quickly fell in love with this
     inhospitable region, and diving  beyond the Arctic Circle was an unforgettable 
     experience for all members of the expedition team...

     This film has won subsequent awards:

     IF PAF Tachov 2006 - 1st prize
     IFF Water-Sea-Oceans 2006 - Cena Primátora města Ústí nad Labem 
     IF of outdoor films 2005 - 3th prize   
     IF  TUR OSTRAVA 2007  - Honourable  Mention 



     The married couple Adam and Radka has set up the diving centre on the Bali Island 
     in the Indian Ocean.They have gained confidence of new friend from underwater world  
     the big manta-rey.

     This film has won subsequent awards:

      IF PAF Tachov 2006 - 3th prize 


The Elba Island with Orca 
  The South Safari
  Slapy with Kaprdivers
Rosalie Moller
  The Icy Tide
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  The Interview in Radio      Cestovatelský deník  - 18.11.2006
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   They Have Written about Us

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