was  born  in 1962  in Prague , he
                          attended high  school of pharmacy.
                          He graduated on Charles University 
                          as a  teacher  - subject  physical 
                          education and elementary school.
                          This time he works as a businessman 
                          and mainly enthusiastic independence 
                          director, cameraman and adventurer.
During his student's life he was playing the drums  in rock
bands Podfuk, Lazaret and  Beatover. His  music  activities
came to a head by edition SP and by shooting two videoclips  
for Czech Television..
                                               Music samples   1  2  3  4  5

In 1990 he set up own business M.K.C., which has got more and more branches
- gardening services, selling and servis gardening machines STIGA, personal 
computers, hardware and software consulting and new videostudio.
After birth his  first daughter  in 1990  he started to shoot first amateur
films, he took part  in many  competitions of digital photography . Then he 
started to cooperate with institutions Ped FUK, VPÚ DECO Praha, MÚ Březnice
and firms Studio Conti,Jachtclub Praha, Baby Studio Ploutvička,Dance school
Hes, Ulita ,DP Ostrava, Ag POISON , TV  Nautic, MY TV ( films of  M.K.C. in 
restaurants McDonalds),Krach s.r.o.(Jiří Korn),Česká televize,Luxor s.r.o.,
Toshiba - KlimaClassic,...    
He started diving  in 1994 and in 2000 he bought his firts underwater  case
for camera. He has started to prefer  underwater shooting. This time formed 
first documentary films and promovidea for diving  clubs  and travel agency
- Kaprdivers, OrcaDiving, Adventuresports, Seaadventures, OK Divers. 
The most successful film projects Rosalie Moller and The Icy Tide were made
in cooperation with Petr Slezák / Kaprdivers /. These  films have won  many
awards on international film festivals in different countries of the world.

  Prize of Audience ISOD Frymburk 2004  "Elba Island with Orca"   1st prize IF PAF Tachov 2005 "Rosalie Moller"    Best Diving Film IF VMO 2005 "Rosalie Moller"   Honourable Mention IFF Marmara 2005 "Rosalie Moller"   3th prize IF Outdoor films 2005 "Rosalie Moller"   1st prize PAF Tachov 2006 "The Icy Tide"   3th prize IFOutdoor films 2006 "The Icy Tide" 

   3th prize PAF Tachov 2006 "Fanny"    2nd prize IFF Golden Dolphin  Russia 2007 "Rosalie Moller"   Honourable Mention IF TUR OSTRAVA 2007 "The Icy Tide"   3th prize IFF Strassbourg "Rosalie Moller"  
He is interested in free time in motocross, snowboarding, sailyachting, 
geocaching , tree-climbing a ballooning . Maybe thanks his two teenage 
daughters he will be interested in sport shooting.

Other activities: www.chadbalon.cz, www.mkc-praha.cz

Diving qualification: PADI Rescue Diver, DSAT Tec Deep Diver, Ice Diver

Current video technology:

          kamery      - SONY PD 150 - DVCAM
                        SONY HDR-DC1E - HDV
          objektivy   - širokoúhlé Raynox 0,6x,0,5x ,Sony 0,7x
          UW domporty - LOLA 0,5x, Sea&Sea 0,7x , Sea&Sea - makroport  
          UW case     - Sea&Sea VX 2000,UW monitor IQ Sub
          UW světla   - LOLA 2x50W, 
          střižny     - Liquid Edition PRO 
                        Edius NX for HDV
                        Casablanca Avio 
          UW foto     - Olympus 8080WZ, širokoúhlá předsádka, case PT-023,
                        UW blesk FL 20, case PFL-01, UW blesk Bonica   



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